With years of experience, we know perfectly well what our customers want. Hence, our products are various in quality, color, shape, and size in order to address to their separate needs. We are confident that customers will never ever be disappointed with our stones since each and every of the gemstones are meticulously checked by specialists.

Rubies and blue sapphires, from the Corundum family, are what we specialize in. These stones are carefully selected from the extraordinary sources. The rubies come from Burma and Mozambique; the blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, which are universally recognized as superb quality and beautifully colored stone sources. They are then skillfully cut in magnificent shape by our craftsmen.

Our company utilizes a Gemology Department and well-known gemological research laboratories to ensure the quality of stones. Each stone passes through a process of dividing and quality checking, initially by experienced experts and then by highly sophisticated technical equipment. To ensure customers’ satisfaction, our reliable gemologists are pleased to issue a certificate for each single stone on your demand. Furthermore, the skillful artisans can recut the stones to suit your needs, either to change the size of the stones or to remove any defects to make brilliantly flawless stones. Thus, you can be confident that every single product that you buy from us is authentic, high quality, and reasonably priced.